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Founder and managing director, has over 40 years of experience in the field of contracting and execution of dredging projects and management of dredging companies.

Included is a break of some 4 years as sales manager worldwide for a shipyard specialized in the construction of dredge equipment.

He has also been the CEO of a dredge company specialized in dredging of Inland and Urban Waterways. This scale of dredging is a specialty in itself.

ALL DREDGE HOLLAND (Consulting Engineers Ports and Dredging),

Worldwide operating Dutch Consultant and Engineers for Ports and Dredging, Capital and Maintenance Dredging, Inland and Urban Waters Dredging, Consultants and Client's Principle Representative during the Execution of Dredging Works, Revetments and Breakwaters.

•  Capital and Maintenance Dredging

•  Inland and Urban Waterways Dredging

• Consultants and Client's Principle Representative

• Consultants Ports Development and                               Ports' Terminal Planning

All DREDGE HOLLAND (Consulting Engineers Ports and Dredging)

Wewill assist you in the development of your New Port, New Terminals, Port Extensions and provide for an overview and analysis of the Hinterland Survey as well as Initial Port Development Documents, Environmental Impact Assessment, Soil Investigations and bathymetric surveys where required.

We also review the first sketch design for quays and quay walls, major port equipment,  cargo storage areas for containers, bulk, break bulk and dangerous cargoes, fender and mooring plans and the location of the Traffic Control Tower

Vlierlaan 102, 4907 AE, Oosterhout, The Netherlands,  TEL: +31 162 471455,    GSM +31 653 415325    info@alldredge.nl