ALL DREDGE HOLLAND (Consulting Engineers Ports and Dredging)

Established some 15 years ago as the Dutch Consultant to provide services like consultancy and project management in the fields of ports and dredging industry.


The Knowledge andknow-how is based on more than 40 years of national and international experience in the dredging industry, dredge management, technology, hydraulic engineering and design and construction of dredge equipment.

Silt depot for dredging works in a small waterway   in the south of The Netherlands.

ALL DREDGE HOLLAND (Consulting Engineers Ports and Dredging)

We bring all our experience and know-how to provide the assistance you require in all phases of a dredging project, Capital, Maintenance and Inland & Urban Waterways.

As the client’s Principle Representative, ALL DREDGE HOLLAND monitors and supervises the Contractor during the execution of the Dredging and Port Construction works, specifically in terms of Quality and Quantity Control and in Compliance with the Main Construction Contract.

ALL DREDGE HOLLAND(Consulting Engineers Ports and Dredging) will be your trusted technical advisor and consultant in the integration and understanding of the company’s know-how, economical, ecological and environmental consequences and solutions of any Dredging, Port and Port Navigation project.


• Marketing for dredging Inland and Urban Waterways, European and World Market

• Consultancy and Engineering for:

        1. Dredging of marinas, inland and rural waterways.

        2. Marina’s infrastructure

        3.  Shore Protection Waterways

        4. Replenishment of beaches for smaller quantities

        5. Dredging and storage contaminated sediments 

        6. Design and construction of disposal sites for dredged sediments

        7. Environment impact assessment

        8. Choice of Dredging equipment, specification and maintenance

        9. Operational and logistic support on projects

        10. Project management

        11. Client's Principle Representative


Marketing for large scale dredge activities in the European and World market.

• Consultancy and Engineering for:

       1. Capital and maintenance dredging of ports, harbours, channels and waterways  

       2. Development of new Ports, Terminal and Ports’ extension

       3.Hinterland surveys

       4. Reclamation for ports and airports, industrial and urban areas

       5. Execution of beach replenishment


       6. Coastal protection and sea defence 

       7. Sand search and borrow area assessment

       8. Compacting reclaimed sand

       9. Choice of Dredging equipment, specification and maintenance

       10. Operational and logistic support on projects

       11. Client’s Principle representative

Vlierlaan 102,  4907 AE Oosterhout, The Netherlands.  TEL: +31 162 471455,  GSM: +31 653 414325