ALL DREDGE HOLLAND, Consultants Engineering Ports and Dredging


Founder of ALL DREDGE HOLLAND (Consulting Engineers Ports and Dredging),

Has been active in the dredging industry since 1968 with a break of some 4 years as sales manager worldwide for a shipyard specialised in the construction of dredge equipment.

During these years he was responsible for marketing worldwide, assisting agents, assigning new agents, preparing presentations, budgets, contracts and payment arrangements, deliveries, testing and handover.on a HongKong yard the then biggest back hoe dredger was built under licence of the Dutch yard.  

He has more than 40 years of international experience in the dredging industry and has worked on a variety of projects in Europe, Near and Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

Maintenance and Capital dredging, Beach Replenishment and Reclamation, Outfall and Landfall Trenches, River crossings, Underwater Rock Blasting. His position ranged from Bathymetric Surveyor to Project Manager, Sr. Contracts Manager and CEO. He has been responsible on many projects with the employment of all types of  dredge equipment.

He has been the CEO of a dredge company specialised in the dredging of Inland and Urban Waterways. This scale of dredging is a specialty on its own. Waterways in urban (i.e. Amsterdam City Canals) and rural areas, small canals and rivers, ponds, (retention-) lakes, marinas and small fishing ports are the working fields for Inland and Urban Waterwyas Dredging.

Marketing, budgeting, tendering and contract negotiations were part of his activities. New technology was discussed with potential clients to have a lead over the competition. He has acted as quantity surveyor while on the job.

Fishing port Stora, Algeria

Environment and ecology are major aspects in today's dredging industry. Also in the field of Inland and Urban Waterways Dredging. handling contaminated sediments, design and construction of disposal areas, transport (hydraulic and mechanic) and treatment of these sediments play a major role

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