ALL DREDGE HOLLAND. Consulting Engineers Ports and Dredging

 Consultant and Client's Principle Representative on Site

        1. Check final Engineering Design and Method Statement

  2. Managing main contract and advice  client concerning critical developments, providing  technical and           financial solutions

  3. Monitoring contractor's daily construction progress in terms of Quality and Quantity. Report to the              Client.

        4. Chairing weekly site contractor meetings, prepare minutes and report.

  5. Survey on a daily basis, quantities dredged and progress of port construction works (following Critical           Path Method and Overall Project Plan)

  6. Prepare contractor's Payment Certificates in accordance to the contract, certify and sign off for                     correctnes of quantity and quality.Advice on more and less work (variation orders) and relevant                     contract changes.

  7. Hand over to client on completion of the project in accordance with design parameters and quality as          per contract.


Consultant Port Development and Supervision Construction

       1. Location survey, hinterland survey and environmental impact assessment

       2. Port planning for sketch design / engineering design

       3. Reviewing design studies

       4. Bathymetric Surveys and Soil investigation studies

       5. Monitor and supervise the contractor in accordance with the contract during the construction phase                    (see Client's Principle Representative on site)

       8. Execute formal Commissioning and hand-over procedures.

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