Technip France, Paris and Jakarta,

Oct 2012 - Oct 2014

Technip France is one of the biggest worldwide operating offshore companies. To also manage the landfall of pipes and cables in shallow water a new department was set up, The Shallow Water Department.

All Dredge Holland is hired to advice on all aspects of dredging, mostly trenching. Engineering and design of landfalls plus the expert judgement of proposals made by sub-contractors for dredging and trenching is part of the responsibilities of All Dredge Holland.


Palma Bay and foreshore, Mazambique

All Dredge Holland also adviced the Technip brance office in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Casablanca 2009 - 2010

All Dredge Holland was called in to asssist in the Port of Casablanca.

The Moroccan company Drapor (now private) required assistence to dredge extremely hard marle and clay, compressive strength at the level of 80 mN/m2. A total volume of abt 500,000 m3

All Dredge Holland lead the negotiation for a charter agreement between Drapor and Josef Möbius Bau to hire Mobius’ backhoe MP 26 and 2 split hopper barges of each 860 m3. The backhoe dredger MP 26 and 2 split barges were mobilised and dredging started in the last days of December 2009.

All Dredge Holland managed the Josef Möbius project management on the site in Casablanca.

The project was completed in the month of May 2010

               Port of Casablanca, Morocco

 Backhoe dredging trench for new quay


2007 - 2008

In the Gulf of Aden on the Yemen coast a new LNG plant is being build near the village of Bal Haf.

Yemen LNG through the France company Leduc, member of the France Group Sartorius, contracted

All Dredge Holland for the maritime works and to dredge 2 trenches, intake and outfall.

Leduc asked All Dredge Holland to investigate the best solution to dredge (part of) the port and the 2 trenches.

The working area was in the middle of a live reef and its sea life, environmentaly a very sensitive area.

Heavy panelties were given for any damage, ranging from destruction of live reef to covering the reef with dust.

Therefor dredging operation without any anchor wires, hence the solution to dredge with a back hoe.

Aerial picture dredging Intake trench in Balhaf, Clearly visible 2 silt curtains to keep suspended silt away from live coral


Dammam and Jeddah,  1976- 1993

Ports and dredging Projects.  in Dammam and Jeddah



Near the city of La Coruña in Galicia on the north west coast of lies the small town of Santa Cristina.

The beach of this town required replenishment.

Since the sand extraction area in the river delta is shallow only small scale dredging equipment could do the job. For this goal ALL DREDGE HOLLAND brought the main contractor and Vis Baggerwerken (Vis Dredging works) together.

Vis, being the largest ’small scale dredging' company in Europe is best equipped to execute the project.

Their dismountable 10" and 12" cutter suction dredgers and remote controlled booster station are the perfect tools

ALL DREDGE HOLLAND guided the two parties through the offering stage and negotiated the contract and bank guarantee.

During the operation All Dredge Holland made sure dredged volumes were measured correctly and payments were made in time.

Initial volume was 120.000 m3, final volume close to 160.000 m3

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1993 - 1994

Jeddah, development and management of Tourist City.

Dredging inlets and reclamation works.

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